Far and Wide (Charity Shop and Food Bank)

From the donated items we receive at our Stonehaven shop we support and assist people in Aberdeenshire working in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council social work department, help local good causes and assist organisations working in many overseas areas of need.

From a council house in an Aberdeenshire village meeting a family break-up situation and looking at bare floor boards and a mother who cannot offer a cup of tea because she has no cooker, kettle or cups; to a SCIAF project in South America; an orphanage in Europe; a fish farm project in West Africa; the discarded goods from Stonehaven have brought comfort, dignity and a sense of belonging to many in need.

Food Bank donations can be handed in on Fri 10.30am-12noon

Charity Shop donations can be dropped off on Thurs & Fri 10am-12noon

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