Stonehaven Town Partnership

STP continues to be the central point of contact and coordination for all our member organisations, and through them, the people of Stonehaven in relation to matters affecting the town’s growth and economic development, the well-being of inhabitants, and the promotion of the town’s attractions.

With these contacts, we strive to: (a) create, develop and promote an overall strategy for the development and benefit of the community in the town; (b) prioritise, develop, initiate, lead or support key projects in the town; and (c) disburse funds according to criteria set by the board to individuals and bodies who either live or operate in the area.

Currently we have approximately 50 organisations, ranging from youth groups to churches, as members. Each year, these members elect up to 12 individuals to act as STP Trustees and these individuals take the lead in various projects which are deemed to be beneficial to Stonehaven.

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