Paws on Plastic

Paws on Plastic

By Charlie Sands on 16/05/2023

Paws on Plastic revolves around the simple but effective idea of using daily dog walks as an opportunity to pick up a few bits of litter.  With over 12 million dogs in the UK alone, imagine the positive impact if we all got involved.

The initiative was founded in 2018 by primary school teacher Marion Montgomery, who lives in Stonehaven.Paws on Plastic has attracted 21,000 dog owners and followers from over 70 countries, across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It really does make a difference. And the charity has been helping to organise beach cleans in Stonehaven too.On 8th May – the Coronation bank holiday Monday – 40 volunteers removed 40 kilos of waste from the beach.40 kilos!! An awesome effort in poor weather - making the town better for everyone.

You can support Paws on Plastic at the Feein’ Market on 3 June and at the Harbour Festival on 27 August.  Indeed, as well as going to see them then, they will be happy to receive donations such as small gifts, chocolates and dog treats etc. in advance for their tombolas.  How do you donate?  Contact Marion !

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